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Sitting alone on Marine Drive, wearing shades and with a cigarette in his hand, he was looking thoughtfully into the sea when I went in and interrupted his chain of thoughts. Reluctant in the beginning, Haji Aiyub opened up and started talking about himself. He is from Gujarat and has lived a long time in England and South America. “This place (Marine Drive) is my favourite in Mumbai”, said Aiyub with a smile. He visits Mumbai frequently for office works. However, this time, he was here for a wedding.

Reminiscing about his international tours Aiyub said, “Hindu, Muslim are only political identities in India.” and claims that every country is ‘pro-India’. He further states that foreign countries do not recognise the religious demarcations prevalent in India, “Indians are only Indians abroad.”

Apart from a unified Indian identity outside India, he also recognised the similarity between the Blacks and the Whites of South Africa. “Every South African, be it a Black or a White greeted an Indian in the same manner, by joining their hands,” said Aiyub with a proud smile.

During his years in other countries, Aiyub has realised the Importance of being in his own country and do not like to indulge in the politics of religion.


Men, the ignored gender!

Men, the ignored gender!

Few weeks ago, I watched a web series named ‘Man’s World’. It is a satire on ‘What if women treated men, the way men treat women’. There was an office scene where the female boss promoted the male employee and asked for “favours” in return. I found it really funny to find a female doing this to a man. But then, I thought for a moment and asked will this be funny if it was about my father, brother or a friend?


Courtesy: Indian Express

And, I realised, we really don’t need to reverse the situation because, in some cases, men are at receiving end. Like women, they also face harassment both at the workplace as well as at home. The word ‘sexual harassment’ is mostly identified with women. However, with men, it goes unnoticed.

Even our law has ignored this part. The laws such as 354,509 and 376 of the IPC deals with sexual assault, namely outraging the modesty of a woman, eve teasing and committing rape of a woman, and all these laws are only formulated to protect women, which is absolutely correct. Crime against women is increasing day by day and we should have laws to protect them. But, to protect one gender, we should not ignore the other gender.




While we have a number of laws to keep the women safe, there is no law protecting men from sexual harassment, except section 377 of the IPC. It is the only form in which a man can complain of a wrong sexual advancement. Section  489A in IPC was formulated to protect women from dowry. However, it is one of the most abused law.

Women have filed a sexual harassment case against men on petty issues such as non-agreement on any topic. While researching, I came across a case where two neighbours filed sexual harassment case against each other’s husband just because of constant fights over parking. A very famous case is the ‘Rohtak Girl’s’ case.




And, even after all this torture, men are still reluctant to report such cases of harassment. This is because they fear they will end up being arrested themselves. Another reason is the societal perception of  masculinity. Mard ko Dard nahi hota, remember? And even if they report, cases like these do not get much of the media attention.




In a world, where we are fighting for equal rights, this issue holds as much importance on issues related to women. Although, for many years men have been abusing women but it may not always be right to tag them as abuser or harasser. The world is changing fast and so are these tags.


Do you also agree with me? Share your views.


Ways to Calm the Interview Nerves

Ways to Calm the Interview Nerves

Getting an interview call is always exciting. However, the moment this excitement wears off, the pre-interview jitters set in. With companies coming for placements, interview dates are just around the corner. And, the mere thought of personal interview makes me nervous. But, I have my own set of tricks that helps me calm my interview nerves. So, here are some ways for you to beat the interview chills:


Be Confident. Appear confident and positive. Have faith in yourself. You must have got some talent that you were selected for the interview round. Don’t ruin this opportunity by allowing negative thoughts or by doubting your abilities.

The more prepared you are the more confident you get, here are some preparations that you can do before you go for the interview:
1. Read about the company that you are applying for. Go through their website, search for the accomplishments of the company, history, awards, spokespersons, projects, etc. You can easily impress the interviewer by knowing about the company more than expected. It shows how serious and prepared you are for the job.
2. Rehearse the most expected questions. There should be a flow and structure to your answers.
3. Do a SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats) analysis of yourself. You should know you strengths for you to flaunt during the interview. Knowing your weaknesses will help you to work on them and see it as an opportunity.


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Talk to yourself. This might sound crazy but trust me it has worked for me and for most of my friends. Tell yourself that you are amazing and perfectly ready for the interview. Only you can calm yourself. “Aal Izz Well…”

talk to myself
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Rehearse your introductory lines. ‘Tell us about yourself’ or ‘Define yourself’ are the most irritating yet widely asked questions. Nobody likes answering such questions but everyone likes asking them. These are usually the first questions in an interview. So, it is important to think through such rhetorical figures and rehearse. Because if you get your first question right, half your battle’s already won.

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Have a conversation with other interviewees. It is important to have a sense of the environment that builds up outside interview halls, talking to others around only helps in easing out the tension. It might prove vital for your own self to get into that “conversation-mode”. So go make a small talk…

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Eat well. The first thing I do when I am nervous,  I skip my meal. And, this has never proved to be helpful. You don’t want your stomach to make awkward noises in the middle of an interview. So, Eat Good and Eat Well and be all prepared to face the interviewers.

good food.gif


Reach to the venue early and get comfortable with the surroundings and people.

Breath. Before you enter the room take a deep breath and tell yourself “It’s okay if I don’t get selected, it’s not the end of the world”.

So keeping in mind these small tenets of personal experience, I wish you all the best for the forthcoming interviews.